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Fruits of our labor...

November came and went this year, it happened. As it should. Not everything happened, but not everything could. The men strived, strove, and did. It arrived, the earth gave and we took, We prepared, salted, saved. Later it might be, sooner we wanted it. We tried, we tested, tasted. It fed, we ate and gave praise and thanks.    When you see this at your Korean market, know that the time has arrived.  Yes, it should call to you like the pleasant scent of musty leaves and the hope (misguided of course) of snow in the air.  It's time to get started on your kimchee.  Set aside a lazy day, a warm kitchen, a good playlist, and maybe a drink or two.  Prepare the following ingredients: 6 pounds (about 2 heads) Napa Cabbage ½ cup Kosher salt Porridge mixture: 2 cups water 2 tbls sweet rice flour  2 tbls brown sugar  Vegetables: 2 cups daikon radish - cut into matchsticks 1 cup carrots - cut into matchsticks 1 bunch green onions - chopped Seasonings and spices: ½ cup garlic cloves - minced 2

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