Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Amiable

photo: The Lure Lounge

I was reminded of the greatness of this place last Sunday night. It's a beautiful place to chill out with a perfect drink and some soothing tunes. The Lure Lounge is also a great place for a late-night snack other than your usual lounge/bar grease bombs (your tummy will thank you)!Sunday is the day to visit; with a brunch menu that is particularly appealing, as well as DJ Yahru spinning after 10pm, The Lure Lounge in LoDo looks like the place to recharge before the onslaught of Monday morn.

Sunday Brunch: 11am to 3pm
Happy Hour: 4pm to 7pm (Mon-Sat)

The Lure Lounge
1434 Blake St.
Denver, CO 80202

More info on The Lure Lounge: The Calorie Count-The Lure Lounge

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aix-en-la cité de Denver

Driving around after work. Don't want to eat at home. Don't want to hit the Great Wall or City Grill for take out. Where to go? We try to think of all those places we simply "must remember to come here". Dang, why don't we write them down, keep them in the car. Would be too easy, don't we all love driving around trying to remember where we could go?
Then all of a sudden inspiration hits: Aix! This little gem on 17th between Pearl and Washington has always called to us, but been overshadowed by the old-favorites-on-17th: Steuben's and the Avenue Grill. This time, the lure of Happy Hour overcame the emptiness of pocket book. (No, I don't carry a pocket book!) Tuesday through Friday, $5 wil get you one of five drinks or five appetizers. We went for the Ahi Tuna Tartar: Avocado Relish, White Truffle Oil, Chives. Wow, that was yummy! So buttery and smooth, I'm definately getting this again. Two glasses of wine and some bread, it was a perfect little happy hour.

"Mission accomplished!" exclaimed the Aix Happy Hour as we proceded to continue ordering food and drinks, no longer from the happy hour menu. Drats! Sneaky snakes, they put more enticing options, knowing that we could not refuse! So we also ordered:

Escargot ‘En Croute’ with Manila Clams: Garlic-Herb Butter Sauce

The Provencal Platter: Prosciutto, Buffalo Carpaccio, Olives, Red Pepper Tapenade, and Cornichons

Lamb Ravioli: Divine!

Long story short: Our $15 happy hour turned into an $80 dinner (wine, food, tip & tax). But, it was SO worth it! We'd do it again.

We should'ave called it a night, but what about dessert? We had a card from Panzano's for one of their amazing Tiramisu's so we had to head over to the Monaco for sweets and coffee. One slice of Tiramisu (espresso soaked champagne biscuits layered with amaretto and mascarpone) and one order of Tres Torti (mini-cupcakes with different butter cream frostings) rounded out the evening nicely.

Moral: Just like going grocery shopping while hungry is BAD, it's worse when you go restaurant shopping on an empty stomach. But, it's Oh-So-Fun!