Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lunch at Tosayaki

July 30, 2013

Lunch at Tosayaki

I ran across this new cart on the 16th St. Mall. Some kind of updated Japanese dumpling.  Not an immediate win for me, but I gotta give them a shot and try something else.

The griddle-master at work; he's non-stop with his little forks!

The concept (click to enlarge)

Little yummy dough balls.  Kind of like croquetas de papa with some Japanese mayo and teriyaki sauce.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Dinner at Panzano

July 25, 2013
Happy hour, (well, we make it into dinner) is always great at Panzano.  Get there early to catch a seat, just not earlier than us! They have some great new dishes on their menu. We tried the lamb and feta pizza, our "go-to" funghi pizza, pappardelle with boar ragu (back on after a hiatus), and a new favorite, the tuna tartare.

Tuna Tartare (those are chili strings)


Lunch at Kings Land Chinese Seafood

July 28, 2013                      
Gotta get there earlier if we want tripe soup or coconut buns.
We got there at 12:30 on a Sunday and they were GONE!  We did enjoy everything else.  

Spare ribs, pork tsu mai,  etc.

BBQ Pork Buns, Mushroom Chicken Buns (a new favorite!)

Attacking the buns!

Pork ribs, Chicken in rice wrapper

Fried dumplings

Who wants this one?