Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chebureki...yum! What a mess!

So I got the scoop on how to make a little something called Chebureki; consider it a Georgian empanada. Dough folded over finely ground and spiced lamb. Seal up the pocket then drop it into some hot oil. Sounded easy enough and I know for a fact they are delicious.

A TON! That's how many I can eat.

So yeah, the prep and assembly was easy as pie (that's a stupid saying, pie is hard!), anys I hadn't counted on the joy's of frying. Man it sucks! We rarely if ever...ok, never, deep fry anything. So needless to say this was an eye opening experience. Traditionaly these are sold out of food carts in the former Soviet Union. I can see why it's street food!

Yes, they were delicious. No, I don't have any pics. Everything was SO grease covered, I'm sure my camera would have slipped around like a wet bar of soap. If my wife lets me mess up her kitchen anytime soon I'll be sure to get you a recipe and some snaps.