Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Inside the DNC Denver: The Food

So there's not much going on in the way of interesting food at the Pepsi Center for the DNC. The media tents surrounding the Pepsi Center are poorly served when it comes to food. This stand on the left is serving carnival style food; hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburgers, etc. With Elitch (closed) in the background it made for a somewhat festively-noir scene. Most of the tents had a media lounge where light food and drinks were served. Bloomberg had their own catering and the poor folks from the Wall Street Journal took what they could.

Some were able to secure passes to the CNN Grill (aka Brooklyn's). There you could nosh with Wolf Blitzer and enjoy some comped meals. Alas, I was not among the select, and had to take the picture from outside. It seems everyone was getting in on the credentials/barriers action. From the parties in LoDo to the panhandlers on the Mall.

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