Friday, October 30, 2009

El Desayuno: Breakfast on a Cold Denver Morning

Some foods, like the people who eat them, tend to grow and grow and grow; to the point they are almost unrecognizable. Case in point: the Breakfast Burrito!

My mom used to make these for my dad and I when we were heading off, early in the morning to some construction site. They were beautiful in their simplicity. Home-made tortillas de harina, scrambled egg, home-fries, maybe some chorizo or bacon, salsa roja on the side. They weren't huge; small by today's standards. We were each allotted two.

Revisiting breakfast burritos, I'm amazed. Number one, everyone I know works in an office; number two, the burritos they eat are about 2 to 3 times the size of the ones I ate! Yeah, bad recipe. Plus, the burritos have at least one kind of meat, cheese, cream; then they "smother" them in more cheese and green chile. Kind of gross! (in both the figurative english and literal German sense)

End result, for me at least, is that I prefer to make my own and keep it simple. If however, on a cold day like today you need a little something warm and didn't make your tortillas, head over to Illegal Pete's on 16th and Blake. They make them in front of you so you can get it right.

Today's burro: Eggs, home-fries, bacon, green chile on the side. Large enough for two smart eaters; just right for one over-eater!


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