Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tortas Grill...por fin!

I made it over to Tortas Grill on Colfax today. It was amazing!  I had the "Jose" which consisted of ham, chorizo, egg, cheese, beans, avocado and tomato with with mayo and a chipotle sauce.  A more solid torta you will not find in this town; the fact that it is close to home just makes it that much sweeter.  I also tried a tamal- Queso con Rajas.  Also perfectly done, moist without being mushy and a delicious filling. 

I'll have to go back and get some pics and try a few items in order to put together a proper post. But I must say that the opportunity to meet the friendly folks behind Tortas Grill and to sample some of their food will mean many returns!

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Denver On a Spit said...

Couldn't agree more. Went the other day and will also post something soon.