Friday, October 19, 2007

Mayonez- It Covers a Mulititude of Sins

Are you trying to make a salad out of canned goods from the Breshnev era? Did you boil your makarony until it was the consistency of wet toilet paper? "Eta nichevo!" (no problem), our Russian-speaking friends would say, "that's why we have mayonez."
No smetana (sour cream) for the borscht or pelmeniy? No dressing for the salat? Break out the mayonez! If you have real klas you won't forget the ketchup! Remember, Russian Dressing is simply French Dressing with; yeah, you guessed it, mayonez.

For some more Soviet food delights, check out this link to Soviet Food Posters. Of course Uncle Joe wouldn't let anyone starve, right?

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