Thursday, October 18, 2007

¿Qué Paso?

Left you hanging, did I? Sorry. I got all worked-up about the state of the restaurant business here in Denver, threw an "Anton Ego"-sized rant, promised a follow-up that would spell death to the posuers and life and eternal fame to the true masters of the art, then fsstt....
As I try to steel myself for this self-imposed battle, Gourmet publishes their list of 100 restaurant, across the country that embody the spirit of local, fresh, organic foods. How many restaurants in our fair city? ONE. Yes, I realize that Gourmet's nod to a restaurant is not the sine qua non of legitimacy. But, they are not far from the mark. More to come in a true Part 2.

The real reason I left you on a limb is that I was in Mexico for two glorious weeks. As you read this, I will be preparing a short travelogue with pictures focusing on our culinary experiences.

Coming soon:
  • Does real coffee exist in Mexico?
  • Can I eat at the mercado without spending the rest of my trip on the can?
  • If all the cooks in the U.S. are from Mexico, who's in the kitchen in Mexico?

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