Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another "Tavern"?

So, Maloney's Tavern is opening tomorrow at 1432 Market St. After an extensive renovation of the old Bara Sushi space, Denver gets the latest incarnation of this chain of taverns. Monday, I had the opportunity to experience LoDo's newest chug-tub. How was it? If I said it was the worst food in recent memory, would you really care? After all the beer you'll undoubtedly drink, I honestly don't think you'll notice that the food is a bit too salty. "Hey Maloney's! Bonneville Salt Flats called, they asked if they could get their salt back!" The fish was over-battered and a wee bit toasted, but how about that beer right?
Service, well it's kind of hard to say. When the guy at the door does everything he can to get you to turn around and leave, you don't know what to expect. Granted it was a trial run, and maybe they were trying to spare us the pain we would encounter inside. For someone that thought Hell's Kitchen was about as real as Hell, well, this was an eye-opener. For the poor souls that waited an hour and-a-half for food, well thanks for coming.
Does, Market St. need another tavern? Nallen's Irish Pub and the Pour House are obviously too far across the street for a properly inebriated individual to safely cross. So, yeah I guess we need another pseudo-tavern in LoDo. Now if they could just get themselves some of those old time Irish Cops, I think the neighborhood could use a few more of those on a Saturday night.

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