Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Calorie Count

Ok, I'm sucking at this blogging stuff! I eat and I eat, yet I record virtually nothing; I have beautiful plates set before me and I don't take any pix; I try making new dishes, with great results, but never share a recipe. I'll try harder, I promise!

So, here's a brief run-down of last week:

Chill in the air on Sunday required something warm. Sometimes the drug to fill the prescription is menudo, usually found at La Abeja on Colfax; sometimes it is caldo de res at Patzcuaro's, yum! This Sunday, however, found us slurping noodles at Pho 79 (781 S Federal Blvd. 80219; 303.922.2930). I won't bore you with the details, but I'll say everything by telling you that the broth was amazing. Very hot and rich, go get some!

Tuesday night found us at our usual late-night happy-hour joint: McCormick's Bar at the Oxford. Nothing fancy, but the kitchen is open until 11 and the food is cheap. Sometimes that does the trick...ok, every other Tuesday night.

Wednesday night, we tried a new place: The Lure Lounge. "I'm Too Sexy for This Shirt" lyrics over a Thievery Corp loop! Very cool place, creative wine list, awesome food. The Lure has a new Fall Menu, they've gotten away from full-entrees and entered the realm of "small plates". Well executed and more appropriate, in my opinion for this place. (Seen here: beef carpaccio) But really folks, The Lure is all about the scene. Trying to impress your friends with how "in-the-know" you are? The Lure Lounge!

Besides a root-beer float and a flourless chocolate cake, The Lure didn't have much of a dessert selection. My ever creative and way too indulgent wife, took me to one of our favorite spots in town. Potager (1109 Ogden St. 80218; 303.832.5788) as always was simply delightful. A warm dinning room, even though it was cold inside; friendly knowledgeable staff; amazing food! We had to have more than just dessert, we split an appetizer of lamb meat balls on celery root puree. A little sweetness from a fall fruit chutney, made it an amazing dish. A warm apple crisp with mascarpone fit the bill for the dessert we were looking for. I love the fact that you can get half-orders of entrees as well as half-glasses of the great wines at Potager. You might think it's an expensive place, but this "half" option allows you to sample their every-changing menu; and they don't look down on you for it.

Well that's a basic recap of this week. Not exhaustive, but "confession" always feels good. I'll have to try it again next week!

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