Monday, March 31, 2008

Adieu Quiche Factory

Goodness to Go at 1712 6th Ave is saying goodbye. From April 1st to the 25th they will be holding a wrap-up sale. Check it out, from their newsletter:

Beginning April 1st all of the quiche, fruit pies, pot pies, crustless pies and tarts will be on sale until they are gone, but no later than April 25th, our last day. There will be many other food items on sale--so really it's everything on sale!
We are offering substantial discounts on barbecue sauces, jams, chutney, demi glace, cooking stocks, and much, much more. In fact everything and we mean everything down to the bare walls even including décor and shelving is on sale. All equipment, fixtures, vehicles, food and food products not used, art work, computers, freezers and tons more will be available for sale at reasonable prices. The sale locationswill be at the kitchen--1176 S. Cherokee St. Denver and at Goodness To Go 1712 E. 6th Ave. Denver.
Please feel free to call the store at 303-377-6500 or the kitchen at 303-289-4393for any additional questions or information.

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