Monday, March 24, 2008

Todavia Comiendo

Had family in town this week, needless to say there was plenty of food to be had. Quick recap:

SHE made a new recipe called Riesling Chicken, awesome! You know the two main ingredients, but the it also had potatoes, carrots, and lots o'leeks. Yeah, so many leeks it made the Titanic's leakage sound trite.

Had to hit the DAM for some high-brow cultcha, ran across the street to Pint's Pub for a round of Wimpy's (aka burgers). We usually like the Banger's and Mash but thought it a bit much for lunch. If you like gravy and you like swiss cheese, you know you do, then try the Salisbury Wimpy. All that plus sauteed mushrooms, yum.

On our way back from Red Rocks, we decided to stop at one of Denver's greatest restaurants: J J Chinese Seafood. Wasn't sure how the menu would strike my family. We grew up on small town Chinese-American cuisine, this would be a little different. Well, I didn't order the chicken feet. I ordered an easy sampler for them: Fried bread, Barbecue pork, dumplings, Shredded duck with enoki mushrooms, Pepper beef with noodles, and tea. Nice, no? It was great, inexpensive and my dad thought the arroz blanco was great.

SHE had another home-made hit; Shredded Pork with Peaches. A classic recipe my wife makes into sloppy sandwiches and burritos. Very impressive.

We went out into Saturday night's snow with friends. They wanted to go to T-Wa Inn on Federal. All around a very nice place with friendly service. I'm not a big fan of the food. I must say that the broth in my Won-Ton soup was terrific; the actual won-tons, nuh, as usual, too thick.

I have a lot of catching up to do on previous restaurant experiences, I haven't forgotten and will continue to fill in the blanks of my gastronomic life.

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