Thursday, July 24, 2008

I said "Pork Belly!"

I know, I've already written about the Lure Lounge before; it's just that I don't understand why you aren't listening to me! Maybe my previous posts left you thinking this was an over-priced, sleek lounge where you go only when you have a hot date with das Modell. Well, we know that's not happening, so let me try again, appealing to your greed and need for comfort food.

Last night we headed over after work for the Lure Lounge's mind-blowing happy hour. I've mentioned this before, but let me give you the calorie count as well as the dollar count. Here you go:

$5 drink specials, including: wine, wells, and special drinks.
$3 appetizers, or 4 apps for $10 - hello! McFly!

Our order:
Gin and Tonic (well): $5.00
Lure Limeade (vodka, lime, sweet/tart): $5.00
Seared Scallops with Bacon Vinaigrette/Tomato Chutney: $2.50
Duck Confit Dumplings: $2.50
BBQ'd Pork Belly: $2.50
Truffle and Bacon Mac n' Cheese: $2.50
Grand Total: $20.00

I've had an itch for mac n' cheese for a while now and had heard that the Lure had great stuff. But I could not believe how rich and creamy the Lure's mac n' cheese is. Perfect blend of cheeses with bacon, yum. The pork belly is like the best thing you've ever tasted. Maybe if they made some kind of pate out of pork ribs meat mixed with bacon mixed with prosciutto they could replicate this. Regardless, it's just plain evil how good this is. And tell me, where else are you going to get mac n' cheese and bbq'd pork belly for $5? Served to you? In real plates? At a real table? Need I go on?

The quality of the food and service was amazing as always. Joe at the bar is friendly and makes you feel right at home. You'd expect an after-work crush of hungry foodies, didn't happen. Very laid back vibe, with attentive service. Remember kiddies, these items go for $9 to $12 on their regular menu, ergo you need to go to happy hour and taste what you've been missing.

Happy Hour: 4 - 7 pm Monday thru Saturday

P.S. Please don't forget about Sunday nights at the Lure Lounge. Soulful reggae with DJ Yahru and $3 Red Stripes will have you back in tune with yourself and your brothers and sisters, ready for a new week.

Sunday: Reggae/Dubstep
Featuring: DJ Yahru
7 - Midnight

More info on the Lure Lounge:

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