Thursday, February 5, 2009

Denver Restaurant Week 2009

As usual, I'm late! The list was published weeks ago, the blogs have been harping about it, Twitter has been chirping up a storm. So.Over.It.

Well not really. I DO want to go, every year we try at least one new place. My problem is that if I don't jump on something as soon as I hear about it, I tend to stash it somewhere. The more I hear about it, the deeper it gets stashed, until, at the last moment, I panic.

So here's this year's "short list":

Barolo Grill
Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House
the Palm
Table 6

The calls will begin today, I'll let you know of my progress. Honestly, they're probably all booked-up and I'll be back here tomorrow with a new list.

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