Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alas! I've no place to go.

Here's the situation. I work Monday through Friday downtown; yes, 8 to 5. One of those people. I work-out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday.

What to do? Where to go?

I usually eat in the office and would rather leave it that way. However, sometimes I want to go out for a "lunch" break. Just get out of the office and read, write, or just relax.

I don't know where to go.

I went out for a walk today looking over my options. There are restaurants, bars, coffee shops, book stores, hotel lobbies, office building lobbies. None of interest or attractive. I finally decided to go get a coffee at the Brown Palace's shop and sit in the lobby...it was closed for "x-mas decorating".

Coffee to go. Back to the office.

Am I dreaming of the past? Maybe a London club for the idle-rich aristocrat with nothing to do but read the paper over a scotch? Do I have to go to Starbucks?

Tell me.


Denver On a Spit said...

I wish I could put in my 9-5 downtown. I would go to Tattered Cover and read magazines.

Kitt said...

Or, at the other end of the mall, the public library.

Sebastian Azcuy-Bronville said...

Thanks for the comments.
Nice ideas; in fact I do inhabit the library about 3 days a week. Tattered Cover used to be a hang-out, but since I moved to this side of the Mall I don't go there as much.