Thursday, May 5, 2011

El Olvido Denver: Take Two

Nope, I couldn't stay away for very long. After our first promising visit to El Olvido (review here), we knew we had to go back and see how the food had progressed. Specifically we were looking for a richer broth and more tender beef. Pues, vamos a ver!

We decided to start of this meal with the quesadilla appetizer. You get to choose four quesadillas, including: poblano, mushrooms, bacon, or chorizo. We opted for two poblano and two chorizo. If you, think quesadillas were an uninspired choice, you would be mistaken. Seriously. The chorizo was good, but the poblano quesadillas were the stars here. If you've had the pleasure of rajas con crema before, you'll know what I'm talking about. Fire roasted poblano peppers, peeled, cut into strips, sauteed with onions and cooked in heavy cream with some sugar. Oh my! Now put that into a quesadilla...heaven! I don't know if El Olvido goes through all that effort, but they got it down.

Next, and surprisingly quickly, came the main event. Carne en su jugo. If you still don't know what this is here's a primer. I managed to restrain myself long enough to snap a picture or two this time. What do we have here? A large plate of beef in broth with a pile of beans in the middle, yes. And what a plate of goodness it was...different and better than our first time. More subtle on the bacon, deeper broth, and richer, more tender beef. Getting closer; definitely progress. When Jorge came out to ask how it was, our enthusiastic "better!" surprised him. But, I think he was happy to hear that his efforts are appreciated in the kitchen.

We are so happy to have this wonderful restaurant in town. The service is friendly and professional. The Jorges (plural) are gracious hosts trying to make their customers happy. Concern? Yeah, where's all the people? We've been there two Friday nights that have been quiet. Too quiet. So, get out there and support the wonderful new addition to Denver's diverse, regional Mexican food scene.

El Olvido
2200 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

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