Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tacos y Salsas Downtown

Here it is kids, your first tacos picture from the new Tacos y Salsas downtown. Like the other locations, you'll find that the tacos are loaded with meat. You can choose from the standards: asada, al pastor, barbacoa, buche, and carnitas (nope, no lengua).

Let me introduce you to (L to R) carnitas- moist and flavorful; asada - dry and crisp; buche - tender with some crackle.

I'm looking forward to trying their gorditas, the ones I get on Colfax are awesome. I wish they had tortas, no one else seems to have them downtown. My one legitimate gripe, salsas...where are they? They had a sad salsa bar with two salsas rojas and one verde. None of the rich variety that we've come to expect from Tacos y Salsas. Will we get some in the future? Who knows, but I'll be back to find out.

Tacos y Salsas
1531 Stout St.
Denver, CO 80202

Hours: 10am to 10pm (Friday and Saturday until 3am)


Denver On a Spit said...

About time we can get some good tacos en el centro!

capoeira said...

It looks very good, I wonder how it tastes.