Monday, May 16, 2011

La Abeja: The Bee's Knees of Capitol Hill

Why does everyone forget about the humble and hard-working bee? La Abeja is a combination tiendita/taqueria/panaderia three blocks from my house that always provides just what we're needing. Need some bolillos and don't want to head to East Colfax? Want some chile seco and can't get yourself to Rancho Liborio? They got you covered.

One thing I don't see many folks of the "lighter skin tones" taking advantage of is the wonderful taqueria that they got going here. Perhaps folks are waiting for Westword's imprimatur before wandering in; I don't know, but if you are, too bad. I'm probably shooting myself in the foot,(and all the other paisanos that know about this place) but let me tell you that this is a great spot to get your weekend breakfast. Beautifuly rich menudo, tasty chorizo con huevo, and of course tacos of all varieties.

Here are a couple of tacos de carnitas I had the other day. Rich, flaky and well seasoned. So come in from the buzz of Colfax, step up to the counter and order yourself something from the big board. Grab a Coca from the cooler and pay. Then find a seat in the comedor, watch the world go by and be reminded why La Abeja deserves your praise.

La Abeja
508 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203



trashmaster46 said...

Just ran across your blog. Oregon, represent! (it sounds so funny coming from a short fat middle-aged white woman) Best wishes on your food reviews :)

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This looks great!

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